Audit working papers are those papers which contain essential facts about accounts which are under audit. This term ‘working paper’ designates the file of analyses, summaries, comments and correspondence build up by the auditor during the course of the field work of an audit engagement. It is the duty of an auditor to maintain his working papers as they support the audit report.

Contents of Working Papers:- Working papers consist of the following:-

  1. Audit program of accounts.
  2. Agreement with the client and the appointment letter.
  3. Details of explanations and information given by the client and other documentary evidence concerning audit.
  4. Paper relating internal system.
  5. Multiplication and other calculation done by the auditor and balances of important ledger accounts.
  6. List of debtors and creditors together with correspondence with debtors and creditors.
  7. Calculation of depreciation, stock and summary of other adjustment entries.
  8. Queries found during the audit.
  9. Opening and closing trial balance and balance sheets.
  10. A copy of auditor’s report.
  11. Useful matters for future guidance.

Objects and Importance of Auditor’s Working Papers :- Auditor’s working paper serve the following  matters:-

  • Auditor’s working papers help in drafting the audit report.
  • Working paper are evidence when in future any claim for negligence is brought against the auditor.


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