FILING OF ACCOUNTING RECORDS:- Filing is an art and every accountant must understand this art properly. All accounting records must be filed in such a manner so that they can be traced any time without wasting extra time. Before the accounts records are filed’ following points must be kept in mind:-

  • All records and vouchers must be filed date wise.
  • Separate files must be kept for different types of vouchers, sales invoices, receipts, purchase invoices etc.
  • Proper serial numbers should be given on all the vouchers.
  • All bank statements, party’s statements should be filed in separate files.
  • Separate files must be maintained relating to different tax matters.


As we know that the accounts records are kept for a long period by all business firms. Every accounts and financial decision depends on accounts records only. These records may be required to deal with various tax authorities for tax assessment purpose or suppliers and customers to settle the accounts with them. Some time in court cases, these records are given top priorities as proof. So, it is very important for all business firms to keep their records very carefully. Following are few methods to keep the account records for a longer period in safe manner:-

  • All the accounts records must be kept in good bindings.
  • Good quality of paper should be used for all vouchers, sales bills, delivery challans etc.
  • Good quality of files must be used to keep all the vouchers, sales bills, purchase bills etc.
  • Proper care should be taken to protect these records from rats and other insects.
  • Filing of all records must be done in good manner.
  • All the supporting documents must be properly attached with vouchers.
  • In case of accounting data lying in computer, proper backup should be taken in floppies or pen drives. Hard copy of all computer records must be taken.
  • There should be a responsible person who can look after all records properly and he/she should be responsible to keep the records in proper way.
  • Proper and separate store room should be given to accounts department to keep their records.