Support document is a proof of a business transaction which shows the authenticity of that particular transaction. We call it as source document also. The source document is the first document from where the accounting will be started. It means with out any proof, a business transaction can not be called a valid transaction. That is why, for every transaction there should be a proof. For example the following documents are called supports documents for the respected transactions:-

  1. Purchase Bills or Invoices for credit purchases.
  2. Sales Bills or Invoices for Credit sales.
  3. Cash Memos for cash sales or cash purchases and business expenditures.Receipts:- When the money is paid or received and no cash memo is involved then  receipt is  issued by the receiving person.
  4. Bank Deposit Slips for depositing cash or cheques in to bank
  5.  Cheque Books counter foil for issuing the cheques
  6. Bank Statements/Bank Pass Book for reconciliation of bank ledger.
  7. Challans for Government Payments like Income Tax, Sales Tax, ESI, PF, Service Tax, Excise, Custom duty and other taxes etc.
  8. Bank Advices for bank charges, bank interest, amount deposited directly in to bank account, amount directly paid by bank etc.
  9. Debit Notes for adjustments like return of material purchased, mistakes in purchase or sale invoice or other transactions for which bills are not issued.
  10. Credit Notes for sales return or mistakes in purchase or sale invoice or other transactions for which bills are not issued.
  11.  Other documents:- There are certain transactions also against which none of above documents are available. For those transactions, the details are prepared by the staff itself and the same is approved by the authorized person. For example:- details for conveyance expenses, salary payment, advance payment to employees, purchases of postage stamps and revenue stamps, wages paid to outsider of petty works, loss due to theft etc.