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Journals or day books and ledger are the most important books of the accounting entry systems. Following are the relationship between the ledger and the journals:- Journals are the primary books of the entry and the ledger is the book of second entry. The entries relating to various accounts are recorded in journals date wise while the entries relating to …

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journal register

Journal is also called as journal book  or journal register. All vouchers other than cash vouchers, bank vouchers, purchase vouchers, sales vouchers,  purchase return vouchers and sales return vouchers, are recorded in journal register. Some time, if the size of the firm is small and the entries relating to purchase return or sales return etc. are very few then these …

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bank book

Bank day book is called as bank journal or bank book also. Bank vouchers are are prepared relating to all payment or receipts through bank then these vouchers are recorded in bank book. Bank book is divided in to two parts  i.e. receipt side and payment side. Receipt side is called as debit side of bank book and the payment …

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